Sage really did eat the fake ladybug

Posted on December 14, 2008

pet skunk one month after rescue

That fake ladybug was eaten by my pet skunk years ago…

There were a lot of things Sage wished he had not done in his life, but eating the fake ladybug was in the top three.

One day I will write the full story. But if you like pet skunks, or just pet humor, there’s a bit going on in my short story, Gracie: The Christmas Ladybug, where Sage’s experience is included. washing-dishes-for-mama-sage1

See the blog called Women’s Fiction by Essa Adams. Link in my menu here.

You will probably find pet humor over there in any story I write, they are what make my world go around.

Over here, I will write all the little stuff and post photos quite often.

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