Pet skunk fight – Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

Posted on October 7, 2009

Pet skunk aggression. Pet skunk fights.

"You're hyper!" "Me? You're a tornado! Look at your tail."

Every morning when I am in the ladies room, Lacey and Blossom come to hurry me to the kitchen.

Well, mainly Blossom.

Lacey usually spreads out on the floor to wait it out.  She is not a morning skunk.

But Blossom charges into the room then out and races down the hall, then into the room and speeds down the hall and into the room and gallops down the hall and —- yeowsa.  At six in the morning.

But then again this is the skunk that sleeps all the live long day except for breakfast, noon snack, three o’clock snack and five o’clock dinner and, oh yes, her nine o’clock snack.

Then she WAKES UP and charges through the house at exactly five minutes after midnight!  It is her witching hour.  She has a ball.  She chases her sister, climbs onto the desk or bed to see me, races everywhere and I usually play with her when awake or in my sleep.  By breakfast, she has worked up a real appetite and wants to eat before she sort of goes to bed for the day.

This particular morning Lacey was snoring at my feet and Blossom had charged in and out of the room and back down the hall about twenty-seven times.  On her last trip out Lacey ran to the door and swung it shut so hard it almost latched, just missing Blossom’s wide skunkie butt as she galloped out into the hallway.

“Don’t let the door hit you in the a**!” Lacey yelled.  Then she primly came back to slide onto the floor and wait.

Yes, our little Lacey has found her voice, finally.  But that is another story.

Pet skunk memoirs. Why my pet skunks for sale sign is often threatened.

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PET SKUNK CARE TIP. PET SKUNK FOOD TIP:  If you are going to feed a lot of chicken, buy them hormone-fee, antibiotic-free.  Organic is best.  Just because it says ‘natural’ does not necessarily mean it will be good for your dearies.  Remember, they take hits to the liver and heart and their entire system from anything that is not healthy for them.  Skunks are very sensitive animals.  They don’t eat much and are worth the extra cost to get them the best, healthiest food you can afford for them.  Prevention is less expensive than dealing with liver disease, a toxic liver, an enlarged heart from steroids in food and so much more that can go wrong and probably will.  We also recommend a majority of their food come from the MAZURI ZOO FOOD.  Write to me with specific questions.  Or ask in comments.




Essa Adams is the author of Women’s Fiction Blog where there are more pet stories, especially pet skunk stories.






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