Inner ear infection, bad hair days, vomit and skunk litter pans….

Posted on June 14, 2010

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Inner ear infections make us cry and vomit.  Bad hair days make our eyes roll. Eye rolling make us dizzier.  The skunk litter pan, well, that was my solution and you had to be there…  or read the rest.

Some days we just need to stay in our jammies.  Today I am back in my navy blue nightgown made of bamboo that I purchased from Catherine’s, so soft, so natural.  If you wear over size 14, check them out in soft mossy green too.

I tried to be dressed, really I did, even went for breakfast with Hubby then had to crawl to the computer.  I don’t know if I am having a bad hair day or not.  Haven’t looked, but I think I may have spritzed with Replenishing Mist Hair Moisturizer before leaving the house.

Inner ear infections suck.

My inner ear infection thing has been going on five weeks.  The first bout of spinning back then had me thinking it was a stroke.  Even antibiotics did not help.   I rubbed Young Living RC oil on the outside and inside of my ear last night, which I have been doing often enough to know it always feels better and never disturbs me.

Within second there was release of pressure in the left ear like when you get out of the mountains.

Then there was a wave of nausea like when you get off the rocking-spinning-whirling carnival ride.  Only I was in a pivoting, rolling office chair and not moving.

I was hoping it was a miracle cure rocking my world.  Ten minutes of prayer, too long for a miracle, right?  I gathered my wits and splashed water on my face and arms, got a little better.  Phoned Hubby at work to complain about my sucky inner ear infection though, no, I did not think he needed to come home, and no, I am not too sick, and yes, I promised him, I did think I could walk, but no, I refused to stand up and try to prove it.

Twenty minutes after hanging up, still could not walk.  What to do?  Roll the office chair to bed?  But there is a little stair to get out of office.  I had to stand to lock windows anyway or I would never sleep.

Vomit and inner ear infections.

Nature took care of it for me.  Instead of the little piddley trickle of vomit that Lindsay gave up in the Kindle and paperback novel, A BREATH FLOATS BY, mine was more like heave-ho.

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Back to my vomit.

Or more delicately… the inner ear infection.

But where to put it.  I knew it was coming.  Dump my narrow, clear water glass on the carpet?

Gross and way too small.  The wastebasket is actually wicker with a wide weave, so no, unless I tear down the window blind and lined it, but no.  My purse?   Better than that… open the window screen and vomit outside?  But I had already managed to slide the window down so the neighbors could not hear me…  they were playing basketball and, regardless of my life exposed on these blogs, I really am a very private person.  So no puking out the window in front of neighbors.

inner ear infections, vomit, bad hair days, skunk litter pansThe skunk litter pan in the corner at my feet.   I noticed it as I got desperate.  I never let them use it because this is my corner but it’s there for when I am not in here, just in case they choose this corner.   But the thought of my pet skunks pooing in my vomit box made me vomit harder.  However, a pet skunk litter pan is good for something.  Nice and deep, lined with newspaper.  Long enough.  (More pet skunks on my Pet Skunks for Sale Blog.)

Yes, long enough.  You know what they say about cat puke…. long enough for the human foot.  I think that is why cats back up as they puke.  I think cats are little aliens with devious minds and a warped sense of humor. Another story.

So I felt better after vomiting for three minutes.  Fresh strawberries.  Green leaf salad.  You think that doesn’t make you want to skip next Christmas?

But I did feel better and could walk.  After the vomiting, you know.

Today I am still dizzy and it could have been a bad hair day, but I checked and the Replenishing Mist worked as always.  I am not giving up my bamboo jammies though.

Now I am one of those people in that I think I have to be in a good mood to write entertainment.  Or really ticked.  My professional writing, I use green tea and a focused mind.  Today, too dizzy for professional pages.  So I just thought I would let you know that I empathize with inner ear infections, bad hair days, vomiting and anyone who has a live-wired, lovable pet skunk.  Because some days are just like that….. though those too shall pass.

You are very welcome to share your day with us in the comments.  Thanks for reading.

Eh the world is spinning a little again.   And yes, I am going to the doctor – again.

inner ear infection, bad hair days, vomit and pet skunk litter pans
Here’s to inner ear infections, bad hair days, vomiting and pet skunk litter pans.

Essa Adams is the author of A BREATH FLOATS BY, women’s fiction with characters over forty who can also empathize with life not going as planned.

So here is to inner ear infections, bad hair days, vomit and pet skunk litter pans….

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