Pet Skunks In Fiction

Books with skunks, Newfoundland dogs. Pet stories.

Pet stories within contemporary inspirational fiction novels are my favorite to read and tell.

What can I say.  I spent five years setting up my life so I can write until I die.  If I die before all the books are written, I will be really ticked.

My spiritual fiction books include pets.  I love to write with pets going crazy in the background.  Just like home.

A Breath Floats By is one story.   Three pet skunks.  Two Newfoundland dog rescues.  Entwined within a gentle love story that is inspirational fiction.

Click the cover to see my slideshow for this contemporary inspirational fiction novel.

Begin reading the novel online now. . . .

Please pass it forward to skunk lovers and pet people who enjoy reading.  Thank you.

Essa Adams

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