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Pet skunk food and greed. Don’t let them fool you….

April 14, 2010


Pet skunks and food are tricky things. My story.... I smelled the eggs in the skillet. I remember mumbling something like, 'idiot' because I just knew he was going to fall for it and give them an egg. But I fell back to sleep before I could yell that they did eat. Sometime later I woke and called for Hubby. "Did you give them an egg?" Hubby said, "Yes, I fed them. They acted like they were starving." I knew that meant a five-course breakfast. "Noooo, I fed them, they just would eat the egg if you made it." This was life after pet skunks. The empty-nesting peaceful life after kids left the house, only not so different at all.

That’s not funny, Lacey . . .

March 31, 2010

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Pet skunks, well. . . they are not supposed to run into walls, but Blossom does because of Lacey. Lacey decides to leave the room at the same time and crowds Blossom out from going through the door. Blossom has no where to go but into the corner -- smack into the wall.

Sitting with a skunk on my shoulder…

January 26, 2010


I know she is trying to figure out how to launch herself onto the keyboard because that is her favorite part of the office experience. Basically, this is Blossom's office, I just work here to keep her off the desk.

Pet skunks for Christmas? Tie mine, please…

December 19, 2009


My favorite winter evening is cuddled under blankets, white Christmas lights glowing, daughters telling stories. Sequoia snuggles against my shoulder. Jeronimo on his back, stubby legs poking up as he intently studies the tree with his sly grin. The Christmas tree is safe... momentarily...

Sharing plates with skunks…

November 26, 2009

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Some people just can't stand to eat off the same plates as a skunk. Frankly, I don't see the problem. It's not like the plate remains unwashed. Only skunk people know, these are special creatures, intelligent, resourceful with their surroundings. Meaning skunks wipe. Skunks do not lick. They might scoot on the nearest rug to wipe.... but they do not lick. And everyday they brush themselves and brush their teeth.... Skunks do not eat gucky stuff. Unless we feed crickets and grubs... not happening in my house.. they must be content with steak and chicken, shrimp and salmon. Proteins that I, too, am willing to eat..... Thanksgiving dinner, skunks eat from the antique china....

Sick skunks won’t tell you until the last minute….

November 8, 2009

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.....driving us at optimum speed ...toward the last emergency vet appointment of the weekend before the ice storm, with a vet she had never met.... Blossom was between us, holed up in blankets in her den-carrier and covered with more blankets. Black eyes staring from the little den hole. A long drive into the dark. She met the vet with no animosity. Not very Blossom-like, as it took four vet techs to sedate her five-pound butt in order to be spayed.

But I don’t like saaalad….

April 5, 2009


I grabbed her so Blossom could eat, then proceeded to spoil Lacey by drizzling a half teaspoon of flaxseed oil on her salad, stirring well. I placed bowl and skunk back in place. Lacey started to nibble. Blossom had been watching. She left a nearly full bowl and charged toward Lacey’s bowl. I was in the middle of the room like a halfback. It is a halfback? Or quarterback? Anyway, I grabbed Blossom. Her body-slamming skunk fights are never pretty. “It’s not fair!” Blossom screamed, kicking. “She gets everything! That beauty mark nose stripe! She's longer and fluffier! AND she gets the oil!”