Pet Skunks for Sale

Posted on May 21, 2010

Pet skunks for sale again... because they climb, dig everything, choose their corner themselves, den inside the sofa, tear open window and door screens, maul carpet, and more...

Blossom on table in sleeping porch.

Understand the exotic pet skunk before falling in love with one through a “pet skunks for sale” online ad. Enjoyable stories, tips and humor.

Except for the Internet search for “pet skunk”, there are more searches for skunks for sale and pet skunks for sale than anything else about the animal.

And I got to thinking, what is this blog useful for besides my own entertainment since I love to write and tell stories about my inspirational pet skunks.

But these stories will always hold a pet skunk care tip or three from now on.  I will also try to be certain the story presents the logic of a skunk for doing what they have done.  And with a message for a skunk owner or potential skunk owner in order to understand what they are getting into.

My reason is under my roof.  We don’t have dozens, like Skunk Haven in Ohio, but we always do have pet skunks we adopted or rescued because their owners fell for the advertising of “pet skunks for sale”, not knowing what they exotic pet would entail, what their family would have to adjust to, and that they would need to make a skunk-proof home to keep their new pet safe.  So we always take in pet skunks who are being displaced from homes who did not know what their new pet required of them.

Pet skunks for sale image - pet skunk winter preperation

In case you wonder what happened to your quilt, socks, briefs, winter coat.....

Pet skunks for sale is an alluring and romantic temptation.

  • They are so cute, so the new skunk owner can show them off, out on a leash which will just slide off their pointed head.
  • They are so snugly, a person can sleep with them and they are suffocated or someone is bit.
  • They sleep all day so a prospective owner might believe they don’t really need a person to be around, that the pet skunk might need less attention than a dog or cat – when they need the person just as much.
Pet skunks for sale... because they are into everything? But they don't often grow out of that instinct.

Washing dishes for my mama.

This blog of stories is not to criticize or lecture.  The stories are to give imagery of how much work and attention and adjustment of life a new pet skunk owner needs to make for the pet they have such hopes.

The stories of “pet skunks for sale” are often literal sarcastic humor after enduring many trying times in living with pet skunks.

The book I wrote, Skunk Medicine: There’s A Skunk In the House! and Other Tail-Raising Stories, could very well be retitled Pet Skunks for Sale.  In fact, that might be the next book on the girls.

Pet skunks who grin like this are the smartest and dearest.

Grinning like an alligator.

Believe me though, they are never going to be for sale.  When we adopt or rescue an animal, it is until deal us do part.  We are in it for the long haul, with their gallivanting through the house at all hours, their attitudes to adjust, their sensitive health issues, and their often too early death that break our hearts every time.

Please, enjoy the stories, pass them forward to all who will.  And know that the blog is rededicated to be here for this main reason – to keep pet skunks from being purchased or adopted by new owners who do not know what they are getting into.  We have seen and heard of far too many human-imprinted, desaced, domestic pet skunks abandoned in old barns, on lake shores, near zoos, in forests, left in homes when the family moved.  Domestic skunks that are left into the wild when they need to be in a safe home.

And no, we are not looking for more skunks to adopt.  But there are skunk rescues all over the United States.  People who have dedicated their lives to this lovely, dear animal.

Please read some stories before you read another Pet Skunks for Sale advertisement.  Thanks.

Pet Skunk for Sale -- humor in pet stories.Essa Adams is the author of Skunk Medicine: There’s A Skunk in the House! and Other Tail-Raising Stories – link is to the book on Amazon.  Over thirty skunks stories, just like the ones on Pet Skunks for Sale Blog.  25% of all profits go to Skunk Haven, a rescue in Ohio.

Essa’s other novel with pet skunks as co-stars is A BREATH FLOATS BY.Pet skunk adoption and rescues provided the three pet skunk in this story.