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  1. I am looking to purchase a skunk as a pet, can you tell me where I can find one? I had one years ago untill he passed away due to age. I have been unable to find one in this area.


  2. Miranda

    July 9, 2010

    i just got my baby a few days ago, he sleeps and eats. He loves to cuddle when i pick him up, but its a hassle to catch him. And when i try he gets all huffy and puffy with me. And he never likes to play. Is this normal for a new baby skunk, all the other people on the internet make it sound like they are just totally lovable, and he is he just doesnt want to play or anything. but i guess i still got some bonding to do. He is an amazing animal, and he is a sweety, ive been reading on them for about a year now before i got him. (sweet 16) finally. used my saving bonds to get him. He uses the litter pan though (thank god) is a smart feller. But is it normal for skunks to show this behavior when they are starting to warm up to their new owner?? hes 8 week old (almost nine now) when i got him. thanks a ton- Miranda (Oregon)

    • Hi Miranda –

      I’m sending a personal email to be certain you receive my reply from the pet skunks for sale blog.

      They are the devil to c atch, almost like a wild kitten. It takes some creativity to get them when they are stomping and charging around.

      The good news is the huffy and puffy is their play antics. They stomp and charge and do little wheelies with their back feet off the ground. They dance in ccircles. They hide and run away and come back.

      Two of my favorite games. I fleece blanket on floor, slides easily. As soon as he gets on the blankie, yank it so he plops on his butt. He will bounce back to standing and stomp you, yank again, it’s great fun for ours. We also use the mop toy. Anything w a handle that you can push at them and stomp at them. They stomp that and probably will grab it so that you can pull them in. Just be certain the material in the mop or whatever cannot be pulled off and swallowed. We use a tight lambswool brush sometimes, Lacey loves that. She will grab and hang on.

      A few other games, ride the ankle, Use plush socks and slippers, they get on your ankle and then give him a ride like a horse ride, funny, they hang on like what the heck but love it. This one, you need to be certain that the skunie does not grab and hang onto your leg when you are not playing, a delicate balance. Or try the stuffed animals, let them wrestle a stuffed animal, never your hand or arm. Here you need to be certain to never use your hands for play, hands are for petting. Don’t let them get in any habit to nip your hands. If your skunk bites or nips or even scratches you or anyone, the DNR and health department will probably choose to put them down to test for rabies. Your biggest job is to never let this be possible.

      A few tips for baby skunks. No recliners or rocker. Nothing they can climb into to hide and get squashed and believe me it does happen, some very sad owners who did not get rid of the recliners or rocking chair. Also check your sofa and chairs beneath, perhaps use little nails to place luan board under so they cannot dig into the underside for a new den. Block off underthe hutch and entertainment center where they can hide and decide not to come out, they will den up and poo under those for good measure. The best bet is close off the bedrooms so you don’t have to deal with the bed. Unless the bedroom is a main room for them, then use luan under box springs and place several large storage tubs upside down under bed so he cannot get under. This takes some finangling, but we do it and they fit best with the lids off, get the squares ones possible.

      Skunk poo is one of their defenses in the wild, the smell of a wild skunk’s poo is as ripe as their gland when not sprayed, so they poo where they sleep when they get a nice little den like in the forest. We use pet carrier lightly stuffed with baby blankets, the fleece kind that are warm and do not get soggy if peed on.

      Baby skunks need held about one to two hours a day, somewhat less as they mature. Ideal when watching tv or talking on the phone, listening to music. They need to become accustomed to the sound of human voices and music or they will always want down when you have these sounds around them, a proven in our house. Hold so they do not revert to the wild within them. They always will be a wild animal treated as a domestic, and this can be lovely and fun. Or they can become aggressive. If a skunk is kept in a cage or is not handled at least an hour a day, they will revert. Try to end all playtimes with snuggle, nap time.

      When skunks eat, you can place them right nexxt to you and watch and whisper to them, handle them so they will eventually let you take food from undertheir nose and feed them. That is trust. And when you hold them, once they are relaxed or asleep, if they will let you turn them on their backs, that is trust. Just don’t ever force it or they will not trust, They have to be relaxed.

      Need anything else, write comments on the blog and/or send me a personal email.

      Thanks for sharing!

      Essa Adams
      Pet Skunks for Sale Blog

      Women’s Fiction Blog


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