Sitting with a skunk on my shoulder…

Posted on January 26, 2010

exotic pets love to snuggle.

Here she is flat and cozy because there is a sofa cushion behind him. Unlike an office chair where she has to balance while I type 100 wpm.

Who says skunks do not climb?  I get climbed daily.  Of course, I did set up the ladder so they could get on my knee.  But from there it is uphill all the way.

Blossom is a very tipsy shoulder percher.  Very.

Five pounds of sleek skunkette, clinging for dear life with two hands and two cute feet… thank goodness for wearing five layers of sweaters.

Her bulging eyes watching me type on the keyboard.

I know she is trying to figure out how to launch herself onto the keyboard because that is her favorite part of the office experience.  Especially delete, caps, insert and oh, oh, yes, the escape button.  I really hate when she stomps on escape.

Besides food, three things make Blossom a good day.  Getting onto the keyboard.  Basking by the radiant heater in her basket next to me.  Climbing the bookcase to look out the windows, as if my shoulder is not high enough.

Basically, this is Blossom’s office, I just work here to keep her off the desk.

Most of the time there is a skunk on me.  So this is nothing unusual.

When Pooh and Baby were alive, I nestled them on a soft chair next to me.  My sweethearts, pillows all around on the floor so they would not fall far.  Jazzy had no interest, she was too busy stealing her brothers’ blankies.  Sage used to sleep on my rump like a pillow in the back of the office chair, little cutie pie.

Now Lacey, who is Blossom’s adopted baby sister, she sleeps in my arms while I type.  Try that at 100 wpm doing perfect prose.  I tried a baby sling.  Blossom likes to hide in that if it’s on the chair, but Lacey pees on it in disdain.  Lacey never does this to anything else so I think she did not like being stuffed inside and hung around my neck.

Blossom on my shoulder is really hard to balance.  I don’t want to hurt her feelings, there reading from my shoulder, so I can’t say what I really think of this.  I just pry her loose like an autumn cockle bur, kiss her all over her little bulgy-eyed head, and put her back on the floor.

‘Nope, nope, not down, Mama… I want up.’  And here she climbs again.

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