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Women’s Fiction Blog

Myths, dense observations and lies we are told.  And great women’s fiction. There’s always a story.

Age of Menopause Blog

Gifts of menopause, beauty care, emotional and physical challenges.  Resources for women over forty.

A Breath Floats By – The Blog

Three pet skunks and two Newfoundland dogs in the novel, so enjoy.  Contemporary women’s fiction that asks, ‘Just what would you do if you realized you are married to your best friend’s perfect love?’

Pet Skunks for Sale Blog

This blog is written by an empty-nesting woman living with exotic pets, an ancient cat and Newfies in hats.

The Right Environmental Choice Blog

Products for family, home, pets, lawn, garden even automobile that environmentally-friendly and effective.

Please, pass this forward to skunk lovers and pet people who love to read.  Appreciated!

Essa Adams, author

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  1. Miranda

    July 12, 2010

    thank you for the great advice, he has warmed up alot. But i do have one more question, and it sorta is awkward. when he goes to the bathroom, is rear end looks pretty well.. just not how it should. but its only like that when he goes to the bathroom. i have heard of their bottoms getting stuck like that and it sounds like a horror story to me. is this normal because no skunk owners gave brought this up. except when it gets stuck that way. i think its called a prolapse. and has it ever happened to you?

    • Hello Miranda – Yes, skunk prolapse can be a horror story. I never want to deal with it. But there are some great sites online that show just what to do.

      On this link, scroll down and subscribe to Skunk Info group for support. There are also directions and images here ……

      Also, has he been to the vet yet? You might want this checked before it is bad. And maybe he is fine. Why don’t you take a picture with your phone and email it to me, or post it on the group to see what they think. Have the pics for the vet so they can see what is really happening.

      I have not had a prolapse issue, but I do not like constipated skunks. I think this is one of the reasons it happens, especially in older skunks, not getting enough liquids. Too much fiber that is dry can do it too. They strain and darn, there it is. And diarrhea doesn’t help either. Then there are the young skunks who get desaced then stressed, moving too soon to a new home, leaving mama when they actually would not leave their mother’s side until after the first winter. Imagine that. No wonder they imprint so easily on humans.

      What are you feeding? Prolapse or not, I also suggest adding good water to the bottom of the plate, not over food, just so he is encouraged to drink when eating.



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