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Derecho Tornado Story or Damn Dog

September 5, 2012

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"No," dog said to me with a tornado going by window. "No. The SKUNK is in that closet." I am pulling his scruff but he is a Newfie, the scruff stretches two feet and he is 143 pounds, so I lose. "Comeon, let's go in just for a minute. It's fun. She's nice, she's cuuuuteee." "No. I'll stay out here with the derecho-tornado. The skunk will eat me." Now... he is confused because Lacey wouldn't eat him but her late sister Blossom would have killed him.

The pet skunk that almost killed me

March 23, 2010


When Sage went down the rabbit hole. . . I dove onto the floor, grabbing him by the scruff and pulling. I couldn’t let go or he would die. I pulled and stretched and pulled. It was like giving birth. Until out of a tiny hole popped a twelveteen-pound skunk. This and more Sage the pet skunk stories in memorial. . .

Sage really did eat the fake ladybug

December 14, 2008

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Too many times, the nasty creatures got in my salad. Or my skunk would try to eat one and vomit around the house ten times, me following with paper towels and the vinegar spray bottle while he spit and gagged all over the hardwood floors.... Oh, then I drank one of those poisonous devil bugs and took ipecac to get it out of me. So I let hubby shop vac a gallon of them a week from there on out.