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Thanksgiving feasts on antique china…

July 23, 2012

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Some people just can’t stand to eat off the same plates as a skunk. Frankly, I don’t see the problem. It’s not like the plate remains unwashed. Unless the skunkie fools you into thinking it is washed. They will lick a plate for ten minutes and it will shine when it has not been into […]

What do pet skunks eat?

January 13, 2011


"I'm not eating it, are you eating it?" "Nope, I'm not even touching it."

A Baby Skunk Brother to Call My Own? Not!!!

July 13, 2010


Sequoia continued to scream and run every time he saw his baby brother. Jeronimo decided to corner his older brother where he couldn't escape then sidle over to him backwards. Ever so slowly and carefully the baby would sit on Sequoia. Sequoia screamed and wiggled to freedom, charging to the other side of the house Jeronimo patiently followed, nose sniffing like a bloodhound, only to sit on him again. Sometimes Jeronimo hauled himself into bed with me and find his older brother. There was only a brief time when he was allowed to do this and for excellent reason. My heart!

Sick skunks won’t tell you until the last minute….

November 8, 2009

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.....driving us at optimum speed ...toward the last emergency vet appointment of the weekend before the ice storm, with a vet she had never met.... Blossom was between us, holed up in blankets in her den-carrier and covered with more blankets. Black eyes staring from the little den hole. A long drive into the dark. She met the vet with no animosity. Not very Blossom-like, as it took four vet techs to sedate her five-pound butt in order to be spayed.

Mama sure is taking her own sweet time today…

January 17, 2009


You can feel sorry for me anytime here. I used to be a Pollyanna. Today changed me forever.... Do I hear the cat upchucking? Are the skunks in his food already? Oh man, lots of windows. Snowplow guy can see me. I cover my abundant bikini-clad arse with the not-large-enough blue dog bowl. Wade through skunks to get in the door. Shuffle through the kitchen with a pant leg dragging. No puke. No no wait for it...