Pet skunk food and greed. Don’t let them fool you….

Posted on April 14, 2010

Our Pet Skunk Food Breakfast Fiasco

Pet skunk food and nutrition. A real issue.

Hello.  I am an empty-nesting skunk mama.  Believe me, skunk nutrition and diet is an issue.

We have a sign in the kitchen that reads, “They ate.”

When I needed it this morning, the food warning sign was misplaced and the pet skunks got the best end of breakfast.

Pet skunks breakfast fiasco. Manipulating mama and papa.When Hubby works midnights and I work so late that I get up later than he arrives home, that is when Lacey and Blossom, our two skunk princesses, take advantage royally.

Blossom and Lacey are always frolicking at seven because they want their breakfast. “Aren’t we too cute to not feed, Mama?”  “If you go back to bed we will have growly tummies.”  And Mama cannot resist, that after only four hours sleep, she will make their breakfast cereal and fruit, a little milk and cottage cheese.  Then Mama, meaning me, puts the sign on the feeding counter where Hubby will see it.  Then pet skunk Mama crawls back to bed for more sleep.  By now, I am not sure I am me.

Today, no sign.  Hubby could be called but he was not quite off work yet.  Surely, he will know the plates on the floor mean they ate breakfast.  Surely.

I smelled the eggs in the skillet.  I remember mumbling something like ‘idiot’ because I just knew he was going to fall for it and give them an egg.  But I fell back to sleep before I could yell that they did eat.

Sometime later I woke and called for Hubby.  “Did you give them an egg?”  The egg, singular meaning they share a tiny lightly scrambled egg that we buy from the organic farmer.  Just enough for two pet skunks for one meal, in my opinion, especially since in the wild a skunk would eag the whole nest of eggs, given a chance.   Fortunately, I only give them dabs and morsels and a few hulled seeds so they didn’t pop today because this is what Hubby said.

Empty-nesting pet skunk people who have been had.


Hubby said, “Yes, I fed them.”

“Noooo, I fed them, they just would eat the egg if you made it.”

“Well, they were right there when I was in the kitchen.  Acting like they were starving.”

“That’s because they wanted their egg.”

“I thought they didn’t eat.  I gave them egg, cracker, apple, oatmeal not cooked, sunflower seeds and kitty food.  They ate it all at eight-thirty.”

“They are going to pop.  At seven, I gave them cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, apple, strawberry, snow peas, lettuce, sunflower seeds, kitty pieces, and pumpkin seeds.”

“They acted hungry,” said Hubby, not getting it.

“The plates were on the floor,” I said, feeling a mean streak coming on.  “Or did they pick them up and wash them?”

“I just thought you gave them a snack,” Hubby said.

“Apparently, so did they,” I said.

For dinner I am giving them a salad with light dressing and a little salmon.

Right now, I am crafting a don’t feed the skunks warning sign that reads, ‘DON’T LET THEM FOOL YOU.’

Pet Skunk Food Tips

Since this story was written, we have been to the vet and after discussing options for better nutrition, made changes that we recommend.  Please find the page on pet skunk food – pet skunk diet in the menu.