That’s not funny, Lacey . . .

Posted on March 31, 2010


Our skunks have rarely had a fight over anything.  But they certainly do quibble.

The scampering is one part of skunk life we love most of all.   Before they eat they run here and there, trying to hurry us along.   Run under dressers, into closets, into legs, into one another.  Scamper down kitty doors, into kitchen cabinets, over the tub and into the shower.  Run head on into walls.

Well. . . they are not supposed to run into walls, but Blossom does because of Lacey.  Lacey decides to leave the room at the same time and crowds Blossom out from going through the door.  Blossom has no where to go but into the corner — smack into the wall.

Lacey laughs and calls, “Sorrrry,” over her shoulder.

“That’s not funny, Lacey!” Blossom yells, shaking her head and charging after her little sister.  She has to gallop just in case Papa placed their food on the floor in the dining room and Lacey runs through Blossom’s plate again to get to her own.

Face it, much as Lacey loves Blossom, she has more fun tormenting her big sister than hugging her when they sleep in the same den.

Written by Grandma and Chloe