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What do pet skunks eat?

January 13, 2011


"I'm not eating it, are you eating it?" "Nope, I'm not even touching it."

Mama sure is taking her own sweet time today…

January 17, 2009


You can feel sorry for me anytime here. I used to be a Pollyanna. Today changed me forever.... Do I hear the cat upchucking? Are the skunks in his food already? Oh man, lots of windows. Snowplow guy can see me. I cover my abundant bikini-clad arse with the not-large-enough blue dog bowl. Wade through skunks to get in the door. Shuffle through the kitchen with a pant leg dragging. No puke. No no wait for it...

Don’t worry, Papa, I’m just thinking about it….

December 15, 2008


Blossom, our three-year-old, five-pound skunkette... now she has a way with Papa. She just gets it. Our adult daughter never ever figured out how to have such a way with Papa. I tried to teach her. But nooo, she would get her way through any course except sweetness. In example, the other night Blossom forgot her place during dinner and tried to launch her little bit self into his plate on the huge leather ottoman. "oh no..." Papa grumbled as he caught her skidding butt mid-landing....

Sage really did eat the fake ladybug

December 14, 2008

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Too many times, the nasty creatures got in my salad. Or my skunk would try to eat one and vomit around the house ten times, me following with paper towels and the vinegar spray bottle while he spit and gagged all over the hardwood floors.... Oh, then I drank one of those poisonous devil bugs and took ipecac to get it out of me. So I let hubby shop vac a gallon of them a week from there on out.