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A Baby Skunk Brother to Call My Own? Not!!!

July 13, 2010


Sequoia continued to scream and run every time he saw his baby brother. Jeronimo decided to corner his older brother where he couldn't escape then sidle over to him backwards. Ever so slowly and carefully the baby would sit on Sequoia. Sequoia screamed and wiggled to freedom, charging to the other side of the house Jeronimo patiently followed, nose sniffing like a bloodhound, only to sit on him again. Sometimes Jeronimo hauled himself into bed with me and find his older brother. There was only a brief time when he was allowed to do this and for excellent reason. My heart!

Domesticated princess

December 22, 2008

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Princess Lacey is too little to speak, but she gives us a run. Read pet skunk stories, see skunk photos and find skunk care tips on the Skunk Medicine blog. Christmas Eve story for the family coming in one day.