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A Baby Skunk Brother to Call My Own? Not!!!

July 13, 2010


Sequoia continued to scream and run every time he saw his baby brother. Jeronimo decided to corner his older brother where he couldn't escape then sidle over to him backwards. Ever so slowly and carefully the baby would sit on Sequoia. Sequoia screamed and wiggled to freedom, charging to the other side of the house Jeronimo patiently followed, nose sniffing like a bloodhound, only to sit on him again. Sometimes Jeronimo hauled himself into bed with me and find his older brother. There was only a brief time when he was allowed to do this and for excellent reason. My heart!

Pet Skunks for Sale

May 21, 2010


Pet skunks for sale. This is a temptation. So cute. The new skunk owner can show them off, out on a leash which will just slide off their pointed head. They are so snugly, a person can sleep with them and they are suffocated or someone is bit. They sleep all day so a prospective owner might believe they don't really need a person to be around, that the pet skunk might need less attention than a dog or cat - when they need the person just as much or they can go wild. Understanding the exotic pet skunk before buying is enjoyable by reading stories, skunk humor and pet skunk care tips.

Skunk nail clippers! Hide!

April 19, 2010


If not for Blossom's screams.... but trimming pet skunk nail trimming has never been easy.

The pet skunk that almost killed me

March 23, 2010


When Sage went down the rabbit hole. . . I dove onto the floor, grabbing him by the scruff and pulling. I couldn’t let go or he would die. I pulled and stretched and pulled. It was like giving birth. Until out of a tiny hole popped a twelveteen-pound skunk. This and more Sage the pet skunk stories in memorial. . .

Pet skunk litter pans – “The one in the office is clean…”

July 10, 2009


There is not enough love in the world -- and there are never enough litter pans in a skunk house. I know that's a stretch and I do love my skunkies... but they do run me ragged over this.

But I don’t like saaalad….

April 5, 2009


I grabbed her so Blossom could eat, then proceeded to spoil Lacey by drizzling a half teaspoon of flaxseed oil on her salad, stirring well. I placed bowl and skunk back in place. Lacey started to nibble. Blossom had been watching. She left a nearly full bowl and charged toward Lacey’s bowl. I was in the middle of the room like a halfback. It is a halfback? Or quarterback? Anyway, I grabbed Blossom. Her body-slamming skunk fights are never pretty. “It’s not fair!” Blossom screamed, kicking. “She gets everything! That beauty mark nose stripe! She's longer and fluffier! AND she gets the oil!”

Pet Skunks for Christmas? Tie up mine, please…

December 22, 2008

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On the night of the gifts, the skunks on night prowl were rewarded with wrapping paper, tissue, ribbons, bows, boxes everywhere. But, no, they didn't throw themselves into the paper or loose ribbons like a cat. No. My skunks pounced the wrapped presents. For once, sharing. Gleeful comrades. They dug those presents - literally dug with determination and long skunk claws, enhanced by brotherly snarling and squealing. While I was shoving wrapped presents on the hearth where the skunks should have been, the brothers dove onto the next gifts. Fortunately for me, they started butt-shoving each other out of the way.